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Need to prepare monologues or songs for auditions? Having coached numerous students in monologues and musical theatre,  Justin focuses on developing technique and creating a clear character in his sessions.  For musical theatre, Justin also plays piano and is able to assist in cuts, run-through songs, and vocal coach.  


Whatever your needs -- meeting regularly or meeting for the occasional check-in -- Justin aims to give you confidence, poise, and a sense of preparedness for the audition room.  

Please contact for hourly rate and to make an appointment.


Using Stanislavski's Method and Meisner exercises,  Justin aims to develop your actor's tool box.  


Courses focus on:

  • Partner connection

  • Listening and reacting truthfully

  • Find the depth with in characters both emotionally and intellectually

  • Voice and Movement work

Time/Date/Rate TBA


Justin guides actors into discovering and creating a well-rounded life for their characters using the Stanislavski method (objective work, memory/emotional recall, remaining faithful to the given circumstances) and listening/reacting truthfully using the Meisner technique.  



"Laban movement analysis provides a rich overview of the scope of movement possibilities. These basic elements can be used for generating movement or for describing movement. They provide an inroad to understanding movement and for developing movement efficiency and expressiveness. Each human being combines these movement factors in his/her own unique way and organizes them to create phrases and relationships which reveal personal, artistic, or cultural style."  (Peggy Hackney, Making Connections)



The viewpoints technique focuses the actors' awareness and creates a vocabulary for responding and acting with movement and gesture.


"In the Viewpoints work, nothing is invented -- everything is a response." -- Anne Bogart   


incorporating the techniques of Catherine Fitzmaurice and Patsy Rodenburg, Justin focuses on the connection between the breath and voice.  Students gain the tools to properly support their voice to ensure vocal health. 

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