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Amy Persons

Actor, New York, NY

What makes Justin a great coach is his ability to be a great "detective"....He's masterful at analyzing the script and providing the perfect amount of support to the actor by asking questions. In this way, he helps the actor to find his own way to a read that is authentic, specific and truthful.hat's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Paolo Ragusa

New York, NY (NYU Tisch Class 2018)

It was Justin's class that propelled me to consistently be the best actor I could be. He was thorough in teaching the fundamentals (Stanislavsky, basic scene study, speech and movement) but never hesitant in teaching experimental and other non-conventional theater practices (Viewpoints, Meisner exercises, Laban, etc.) He has a way of bringing out a rawness and vulnerability to your acting and pushes you to be as authentic and creative as you can be. He is never afraid of a challenge as a director and is consistently looking for the most effective ways to serve the text onstage. Without his guidance and teaching, I wouldn't have fallen so madly in love with acting and the theater. As a drama student at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, I continuously use what Justin has taught me in every rehearsal and performance.

Jennifer Duong

Los Angeles, CA

Directing is not a learned talent— it is innate. I studied under Justin for four years, and I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to collaborate with a director with such a unique sense of storytelling. His classes were well balanced between learning the fundamentals of acting and non-conventional practices. As a result, I was constantly being pushed outside my comfort zone and learning more and more about myself as a storyteller every day. As a director, he was always able to help get me to a place of vulnerability— truth— and to create a character with depth. In addition, he instilled a sense of discipline in me as a person and this has helped me beyond just acting— this discipline is the very thing that has kick started my career in film/television and continues to help me every day and every time I am on set.



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Chris Ward

New York, NY (Strasberg Studio Class of 2018)

On the very first day of class, I did not know the first thing about acting. However, Justin hooked me instantly with his passion, and I am thankful he introduced me to the craft.  He guided me through the process of diving head first into the life of a character, putting in the work and doing the research, knowing/creating the character's back story, and discovering every detail possible about a character.  He truly and sincerely cares about acting and directing. He is strict but is also encouraging and uplifting. Regardless of your skill level, Justin uses nothing but constructive criticism and positive encouragement to help you improve your craft.  His teachings have been invaluable asset to my acting career. 



Alexis Lapp

New York University, TISCH

I first worked with Justin as a beginner and am now on my fifth year of learning under him.  My experience has been nothing short of extraordinary.  I learned through him how to respect a character, utilize my body as a performer, and work as a team on stage.  He uses an incredible mixture of structure and freedom to provide a safe, professional environment where creativity is welcomed with open arms.   At the same time, he pushes you outside your comfort zone using multiple techniques to find what works best for you.  I would suggest working with him no matter where you happen to be in your journey.  He will change the way you look at performing in the most positive way, without a doubt.

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